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Dr. Anu Arasu


Dr Anu Arasu was one of the first doctors to work at the Marion Gluck Clinic where she helped train new Drs before creating her own clinic, London Bioidentical Hormones.  She was also one of the first Drs in the UK to train in functional medicine and published the first article in the medical press (GPonline) to raise awareness amongst other Drs of the benefits of functional medicine.

Dr Anu Arasu. Bio-identical hormone specialist in london
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Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are precise duplicates of the body’s own hormones. Non-bioidentical hormones include conjugated oestrogens or synthetic progestins


Weight Managment

We offer a program called Metabolic Balance because quite simply, it WORKS. Metabolic Balance is a 3-month nutritional programme that considers hormones..


Functional Medicine

If you have chronic symptoms but have been told that there is nothing wrong or there is nothing you can do about it, functional medicine may help get to the heart of a problem. Functional Medicine seeks to correct what might

Treatment Schedule

What is the cost of bioidentical treatment? Find out not only about what to expect about your treatment schedule but the cost of bioidentical treatment.



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